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Therapy for sleep apnea is only effective when you stick with it. In order to help people truly get more rest, by assisting them through the treatment process, sleep clinics are developing new solutions. The latest method for improving treatment success in known as ‘sleep coaching.’
By partnering with the leading experts in sleep apnea treatment, such as Philips Respironics, certified sleep clinics around the country are now helping clients even more. Providing personally tailored training, support and coaching, Sleep Health Solutions believes that you can be more successful in managing the dangerous symptoms of obstructive sleep apnea.

How Sleep Coaching Improves Treatment Success

The concept is to improve the success of PAP therapy for those who suffer from sleep apnea. This is accomplished through three key phases.

1. Patient Outreach

When your physician has made a diagnosis of sleep apnea and recommended the uses of a PAP device, they can sign you up for sleep coaching services. At this point, the doctor enters relevant medical history and information into a specially designed management program. The program is used by sleep coaches, homecare providers and respiratory therapists trained in guiding patients through therapy. They use this program to work together, tracking relevant data, communicating and, ultimately, ensuring seamless, personalized support.

2. Sleep Apnea Device Monitoring

Your care providers and sleep coaches are now able to track data sent directly from advanced PAP devices. Using a mobile or Wi-Fi connection, the DreamStation PAP device and the connected DreamMapper app, data about device usage and sleep is recorded. The app then provides coaches or caregivers with this valuable information.

3. Ongoing Sleep Coaching

Sleep coaches can then provide more effective guidance and motivation, train and assist you in using the device properly and help you successfully manage sleep apnea. If you struggle at any point, coaches will be informed and can provide helpful and timely support.

Sleep coaching includes more than just motivational reminders; it is personalized care and support as you focus on the treatment program. Proactively engaging clients has been shown to significantly improve the effectiveness of PAP therapy for obstructive sleep apnea.

More Effective In-Home Treatment

As more and more people suffering from sleep disorders request in-home sleep studies, it’s important for comfortable in-home therapy to follow. In a sleep center, evaluation includes overnight monitoring of the heart rate, breathing, movement and other vital data. Testing at home is different; data is collected while you sleep in your own bed with limited sensors and equipment. In a similar way, sleep coaching works to make using a PAP device feel as natural as possible. This is because consistent and proper use of the device is the only way to effectively manage the symptoms of sleep apnea.

PAP (positive airway pressure) therapy is a common treatment for obstructive sleep apnea. Using a mask, it provides a constant flow of compressed air to support a patient’s airway as they sleep. Once you find the right fit, the mask is surprisingly comfortable. If it is worn correctly every night, it is a highly effective way to treat the sleeping disorder.

Ask the experts at Sleep Health Solutions if sleep coaching could help you. We want to help you get better sleep at night so that you can have better days.

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