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21 Gadgets to Help You Sleep Better in 2021

21 Gadgets to Help You Sleep Better in 2021

A great day starts with a great night’s sleep. And a great year starts with the right gadgets. Try these new, high-tech products and apps to get the rest you need in 2021.

1. Dodow Sleep Machine

If you tend to wake up during the night, Dodow provides breathing exercises to help you get back to sleep. The small wireless device can sit on your nightstand and be turned on with the touch of a button. It projects a soft light keeps your mind from racing and guides your breath back to a relaxed state.

2. Cove

Cove is a modern wearable device that uses specific vibrations that naturally activates the part of your brain that controls emotions. It is hailed as breakthrough technology to help decrease stress and anxiety. People who have tried the gadget say that it helps them fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

3. Homni – Terraillon Smart Sleep Solution

This may just look like a sleek bedside lamp, but it is actually a sleep device with integrated sensors, light and a Bluetooth speaker. Using the connected Terraillon app, it analyzes your sleep environment, tracks sleep quality and cycles, and makes your morning wakeup routine more pleasurable.

4. 10minds Motion Pillow

This smart pillow is connected to a small computer engineered to prevent snoring. It tracks the position of your head while asleep and detects snoring. Then, the Motion Pillow automatically adjusts to keep you comfortable while facilitating proper airflow.

5. Smart Nora Snoring Solution

This is an innovative anti-snore product. You simply need to slip the expander under your regular pillow and tap the device before going to sleep. When the Smart Nora device detects snoring, the expander adjusts your position to stop snoring before your partner wakes up.

6. Muse S Headband

This wearable device delivers relaxing soundscapes and help you fall asleep faster. The Muse S Headband also tracks brain activity, heart rate, breathing, and movement while you fall asleep and throughout the night.

7. Somneo Sleep & Wake-Up Light

This gadget made by Philips uses soothing light therapy to help you nod off naturally. When you lie down, it simulates the sunset to relax into a deep slumber. Then, in the morning, it simulates the sunrise to help you wake up gradually, instead of using a harsh alarm clock.

8. Headspace App

This mobile application was made to give people easy access to guided meditation and mindfulness. The Headspace concept is to help you make time in your busy day for exercises that relieve stress and support quality sleep.

9. Koala Weighted Blanket

Finally, there is a single blanket that is comfortable for both hot and cold sleepers. The Koala Blanket is breathable and weighted without being bulky, so it can be used in every season. Working like a warm embrace, the blanket is weighted to help ease stress and feel calmer.

10. Modernist X Gravity Summer Blanket

In the summer, a blanket can make you feel too hot to sleep, yet you may toss and turn more when uncovered. This weighted blanket is made specifically to provide that same calming effect to fall asleep fast even in hot weather and climates.

11. Dyson Pure Humidify + Cool

Breathe easier and nourish your body while you sleep with purified air. The Dyson Pure Humidify+Cool™ cleans allergens and pathogens from the air in your bedroom. Plus, it humidifies the air to provide the right amount of moisture for your skin, nasal passages, and airway.

12. Balluga: The World’s Smartest Bed

This mattress promises the sleep of your dreams. It allows you to control the firmness, temperature, and position throughout the night and has been made to prevent compression or sagging over time. It keeps you cool in the summer and heats to ensure you get into a warm bed in the winter. It has a light under the bed that turns on automatically when you get up.

13. Sense with Sleep Pill

This sleek bedside gadget has advanced sensors to understand your sleeping environment and track your sleep quality. The goal of the Sense Sleep system is to provide you with valuable information about how the light, sound, temperature, humidity, and air quality in your bedroom affect your sleep. In the morning, the sleep tracker can tell you if you slept soundly, tossed and turned, or snored more than usual.

14. chiliPAD Sleep System

The ChiliPad Sleep System is a great solution for hot sleepers without needing to change mattresses. Using a constant flow of water through the pad that sits over your regular mattress, it actively maintains the ideal temperature for you.

15. URPOWER Essential Oil Diffuser

Many people swear by aroma therapy for restful sleep. There are tons of essential oil diffusers to choose from on the market, but this is our favorite. It can be programmed to turn on and off and provides quiet misting action for up to six hours. It also has a cool mist function and glows softly in seven different colors.

16. DreamOn Sleep Aid

The latest version of the DreamOn wearable device is a drug-free way to relax, meditate, and sleep better. It works by sending gentle pulses that signal to your brain, helping you get to sleep faster and sleep more deeply.

17. Banala Lite Sleep Cycle Inducing Device

The gadget made by the Banala brand is a mini speaker with integrated isotonic sound technology. It claims to help you fall into a deep sleep with just the touch of a button. The sound emitted by the device supports your natural sleep cycles.

18. Gravity Weighted Sleep Mask

The same calming, deep pressure sensation of a weighted blanket is now available as a sleep mask. It blocks out light, is made of a soothing fabric, and is great for flying and travelling.

19. Trtl Travel Pillow

Finally, there is a travel pillow that is actually ergonomic and comfortable to use. The innovative design of Trtl supports your neck and head so that you can doze off comfortably in a sitting position. No more jolting awake for the duration of your flight because your head slumps or your neck cramps!

20. QuiteOn Earbuds

Instead of headphones that mask noise, QuiteOn has made the world’s smallest noise-cancelling earbuds. They work by detecting sounds with a tiny microphone and projecting anti-noise waves to cancel them out. It’s a great solution for noisy sleep environments, partners who snore, traveling, and workplace distraction.

21. AYO Light Therapy Glasses

This is wearable smart technology that gets more effective as you use it. The AYO glasses deliver programmed light therapy that helps boost daytime energy, improve mood and sleep quality.

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